Once upon a time...

The tradition of the Restaurant Moritz reaches back to year 1963. In 1963 Mr. Primus Moritz acquired the neighbouring farm called "Zellbacherhube" in Oberwuchel and expanded the existing agricultural and gravel company as well as the fish farm. He decided to rehabilitate the grand farmhouse and 1969 he established the "Forellenhof Moritz".

Mrs. Anna Moritz his daughter managed the "Forellenhof Moritz" in first generation, she was always very intented on the well-being of her guests, best food, outstanding service and of course comfortable atmosphere. From this time on the "Forellenhof" was a well-known fine-dining restaurant.

40 years after the first opening Mrs. Anna Moritz entrusted the restaurant to the next generation. Now her daughter Ms. Anja-Margaretha Moritz and her partner Mr. Roman Pichler are taking care of the well-being of their guests and friends from Restaurant Moritz.